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Wholemeal Pasta Salad

Wholemeal Pasta Salad

Pete and I eat very differently when it comes to lunches throughout the week. At the moment, all his body wants and needs is carbs and protein which means a lot of rice and pasta and meat and big, hearty meals. I, on the other hand, need lighter meals with lots of vegetables and wholesomeness and goodness. Part of our new life routine is a big clean, a big shop and a big cook on Sundays. A really quick go-to meal of mine is my version of pasta salad (which is nothing like what you picture when you hear the words, pasta salad). It is great for pregnant mamas because you get healthy carbs from the pasta as well as a good dose of vegetables and it fills you up (for the standard twenty minutes before we must feast once more). And it’s great for un-pregnant people for the exact same reasons.



Warm Wholemeal Pasta and Vegetable Salad

Ingredients – 

wholemeal pasta (whatever kind you fancy, I like the tubey twisty ones)





pitted kalamata olives

grape tomatoes

semi-dried tomatoes

baby spinach

minced garlic

salt and pepper

olive oil

balsamic vinegar

tuna (if you’re into it)

Method – 

Cook the pasta and leave aside, it doesn’t matter if it gets cold as you will finish it off in the saucepan

Slice onion thinly and place in a large saucepan with a generous amount of olive oil tablespoon of minced garlic, salt and pepper and fresh basil

Dice eggplant and broccoli and add to the saucepan. Let this cook until the onions and broccoli start to soften and the eggplant starts to brown

Follow this by adding a big handful of uncut grape tomatoes, a handful of semi-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives and a splash of balsamic vinegar

Continue to cook until grape tomatoes start to soften and eggplant starts to brown

Add the cooked wholemeal pasta and a bag of baby spinach and stir through (I also like to a small amount of water just to help soften and mix everything)

If you fancy some tuna, now is when you add it – GO GO GO


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