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TRIUMPH in Triumph

TRIUMPH in Triumph

I have always loved my boobs. Always. I am very blessed and incredibly grateful for the generous chest that I have had since I was eleven (seriously). Though there are times where smaller breasts would be amazing (i.e. strapless bras, low cut tops, backless dresses, etc.), I have always been deeply thankful of my curves.

Having said that, bra shopping has never been a fantastic experience for me. So often I walk through the aisles of Myer looking at all the sexy, colourful, lace bras only to find out that they are only available up to a D-cup. To find a bra that fits and actually supports me, I have to migrate over to the beige section of the intimates department and decide which shade of nude looks best on me. The only lingerie that has ever looked and felt sexy on me, for my size, were bras from Honey Birdette (actually, Eloise Monaghan, if you are reading this can you please expand into maternity bras? Please? Preferably within the next four months. Thanks!). I felt like an absolute goddess in them, and I am sure I would still if they fit me right now. But your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill bra has never been something I have enjoyed buying.

Add four and a half months of pregnancy to my body and what we have, ladies and gentlemen, is a size 12F bust and growing.

Up until yesterday, I was still swanning around in my $8 Kmart bra – which I would strongly advised against because it hurt my back and my breasts just looked so overwhelmingly large and unsupported and wrong. I looked bigger than I actually was and really disproportionate.

I finally made the time to go to Myer and get fitted by a professional. There were some beautiful Chloe & Lola maternity bras that my fitter walked straight past until we were, once again, standing in front of a wall of beige. She pulled a few different brands and sizes off the shelf but I somehow knew that perhaps the most unattractive one was what was going to fit me best.

And it was. And I couldn’t care less what it looks like.

I bought the ‘Lace’ Triumph Maternity Wirefree Bra in nude and black. It fits perfectly, the straps over my shoulders are wide, the wirefree band around my waist doesn’t hurt at all and my boobs aren’t resting just below my chin like they have been for the past few months. My back is the happiest it has been since I fell pregnant and I look much more like myself now that my boobs aren’t spanning to my underarms. My old bra was also causing me a lot of pain and heartburn and indigestion because the underwire would dig into my belly.

My fitter was a sweet, older lady who was also incredibly informative. She was giving me a running comparison of each bra that I tried on; every bra that I tried on besides the Triumph ones were only made of one panel per cup. The ‘Lace’ Triumph Maternity Wirefree Bra is made up of fifty-six panels per cup and let me tell you, it makes for a heavenly fit. There are six rows of clasps at the back and I still have a lot more room to adjust the straps – so these two bras should see me through until the very end of my pregnancy, if not the whole way.

So sure, I may never be able to buy the prettiest bras and I may never be able to wear backless tops and dresses without a few kilometres worth of Hollywood tape, but at this stage in my life, all I care about is comfort. I’m THAT person right now. These two ginormous fifty-six panelled cups are the comfiest goddamn things to have ever adorned my breasts.

Now to find a bikini..

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