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The (Oblivious) New Mama’s 25 Days of Christmas

The (Oblivious) New Mama’s 25 Days of Christmas

It’s December! It’s Summer! It’s the festive season! Our Christmas tree is up! Our cat has discovered a love of tearing baubles off the tree and waking us up at 5am by chasing them down the hallway!

Seriously though, I am so freaking excited that it is officially December and now I can let out all of my Christmas love and adoration. This is definitely my favourite time of year; the weather is warmer, the afternoon sky glows yellow with the promise of a summer storm, the promise of Christmas movies, the glow of Christmas lights that illuminate otherwise dark suburban streets, the excitement of buying your loved ones presents and the abundance of food, laughter, alcohol and joy that the festive season brings.

To acknowledge Christmas this year, as well as celebrating the pregnancy and the launch of The (Oblivious) New Mama, I thought that I would do a 25 Days of Christmas countdown. Each day leading up to December 25th there will be a Christmas-themed post. There will be recipes and cocktail ideas, do-it-yourself Christmas craft, gift ideas, movies, books and some more personal posts that will also revolve around Christmas.

Every now and then, as well as a Christmas post I will be punctuating my content with some regular blog posts as well. I have book reviews I need to publish and a baby shower to write about and a pregnancy that changes with each and every day as we edge ever closer to our due date. So, without giving too much away I am so happy to kickstart summer and the festive season of 2018 with The (Oblivious) New Mama’s 25 Days of Christmas!

Big love to you all x

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