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Day Four: Gift Guide for Pregnant Women

Day Four: Gift Guide for Pregnant Women

I have never found gift-giving particularly difficult. Those that I buy for, I generally know pretty well whether it be a family member, a partner or a friend. I actually love the lead up to Christmas and writing a list of ideas for presents for […]

Baby Shower List(s)

Baby Shower List(s)

Lists are my favourite. I have mentioned that several times. Lists give me direction. Lists allow me to plan. Lists let me know when I have achieved things. I have several notebooks that I use specifically for list-making. Planning a baby shower, it turns out, […]

Behind the Pages x The (Oblivious) New Mama

Behind the Pages x The (Oblivious) New Mama

Today is a very special day – and one that I have been overwhelmingly excited to share with you all! Partnering with Gina from Behind the Pages, I am beyond proud to announce that The (Oblivious) New Mama has its very own, all natural skincare range!

The range was created with pregnant mamas in mind, offering very subtle, clean scents as well as the benefits of all-natural ingredients. One thing that I have noticed since being pregnant is that heavily scented products and perfumes just do not agree with me, at all. Headaches, nausea, you name it. Not only that, but I have become incredibly conscious of my body (which sounds pretty obvious seeing as it is changing and growing right before my eyes). When I am showering, or the few times that I have had baths to relax my muscles, I have taken notice of how my skin feels and its elasticity. My mum has always been a stickler when it comes to beauty products and what she uses on her skin and, in part, it has rubbed off on me as well. Skin is our largest organ, and we really should be considerate and mindful with what we use when it comes to skin care.

Each of the products is handmade by the incredibly talented Gina from Behind the Pages who I met through work when she created a range of products that were themed to one of our books (how cool is that?). When it came to the scents, I sent an email to Gina explaining how I wanted softer, more neutral scents for these products so they weren’t too harsh for mamas-to-be. I suggested that we use jasmine, vanilla or coconut. Each of these scents by themselves are delicious enough, but Gina went above and beyond.. each product that we designed has scents of vanilla, coconut, jasmine and lime – and let me tell you, it absolutely works.

I am humbled and honoured and excited and KEEN to introduce you all to The (Oblivious) New Mama’s Signature Skincare Range – get on it!

T(O)NM Goats Milk Soap

I don’t know what it is about goats milk soap, but I am a fan. I am a huge fan. Every time that I have splurged and bought myself goats milk soap, I revel in how gloriously soft my skin feels (if you have never used it before, seriously, get on it). It just feels like I am doing myself a favour simply by using it. Not only has Gina made the soap impossibly pretty, she completely nailed the level of fragrance (she also included a little surprise with each bar – freshly pressed flowers for something just that little bit special). Made from all natural ingredients with absolutely no nasties, the soap bar is smooth in application and couple that with the steam of the shower makes for the most aromatic, delicious and relaxing experience.

Not only is goats milk packed with skin-loving vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin C and vitaman E, the pH levels of goats milk is very similar to the levels of our skin. This means that the moisturising effects of goats milk are absorbed into our skin easier (and faster!) while also protecting our skin from bacteria and chemicals. The high fat content (much like the bath milk you are about to read about) also leaves skin soft and smooth.

T(O)NM Bath Milk

I have never been one for a bath.. it’s this vicious cycle that I have gotten myself into; I love scalding hot water, so I make the bath the temperature that I want, but then when I get in, I get dizzy because it’s too hot which inevitably sees me getting out about ten minutes later. I like to pretend that I am refreshed afterwards, but I never am. During the end of my first trimester and early into my second, baths became a necessity. It wasn’t just my back that was aching, it was every single muscle in my body including ones that I have never even felt before. I had to sacrifice some of the heat for the sake of bathing longevity. I also used epsom salts to further ease the tension I was feeling. Luck for me, and for all of you, Gina has baths covered like an absolute boss.

The fat and protein in the milk leaves your skin feeling soft and supple while it also moisturises the skin, softens your hair and can reduce skin irritations. Gina has gone a step further and also added epsom salts to the bath milk, meaning you will benefit from those additional soothing and relaxing properties. Mixed in with the bath milk we have dried rose petals, lavender, cornflowers and chamomile that not only add to the aroma of the bath, but will also leave you feeling pampered and maybe even just that little bit fancy. I cannot tell you how beneficial this is, especially for all of you pregnant mamas out there. I have found that I get so caught up with every day life and then completely collapse at the end of the day due to exhaustion that I often forget to take care of myself, and do nice little gestures for me. The T(O)NM Bath Milk completely and utterly relaxed me, and I really did feel like I was doing something taboo by enjoying it so damn much.

T(O)NM Body Lotion

Though I use cocoa butter on my belly for stretch marks and to improve the elasticity of my skin, I have been searching for a body lotion whose scent was exactly what I wanted to smell like. A lot of the time I have found that lotions and moisturisers are either too floral, too strong in their scent or too medicinal. So when this opportunity came up I knew there was no way that I was going to pass on designing my own signature body lotion. I love the feeling of moisturising after a shower (and especially after a shave), taking those few extra minutes to do something nice for myself that will make me feel good; there really is something to be said about pampering oneself.

Keeping in theme with the rest of the products, the lotion is soft in scent, infused with the signature fragrances of vanilla, coconut, jasmine and lime. Gina, again, used all natural ingredients which means the lotion is absorbed into the skin quickly and won’t leave you feeling greasy. You can use the lotion anywhere on your body as it is suitable for sensitive skin. Using body lotion regularly rehydrates your skin (which will make you glow even more, you goddess), while the massaging motion of applying the lotion will improve your blood circulation and can even stimulate cell generation – plus, you will smell HEAVENLY.

I want to sincerely thank Gina from Behind the Pages for making one of my dreams into this beautiful reality – she really is a professional and completely understood my vision and desire to create gorgeous, feminine products for glorious mamas-to-be.

If you want to check out Gina’s entire range, shoot on over to her instagram at @behindthepagesstore.

Alternatively, if you are a mama-to-be, or have a friend who is about to pop and want to purchase any of these products (it is so close to Christmas after all!) shoot me an email ( or a direct message on instagram (@theobliviousnewmama)!

One Fine Baby

One Fine Baby

Over the weekend, the One Fine Baby baby fair was on at Moore Park in Sydney. Showcased as ‘the most stylish baby fair in Australia’, the Royal Hall of Industries was packed with over 100 brands, both boutique and major. More than just a marketplace to buy goods […]

Walker Books Picture Book Round-Up

Walker Books Picture Book Round-Up

With our baby shower but a mere five weeks away, we have started thinking of everything we need to buy for Bub so that we can put together some kind of a gift registry. Funnily enough (not really, though), most people have already said, “Well, […]

Getting Ready for Bub – Product Round Up

Getting Ready for Bub – Product Round Up

I have been incredibly lucky already to have had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands as I begin the journey of The (Oblivious) New Mama. Six months pregnant now, Pete and I are just starting to really think about and plan what we need to buy and, perhaps most importantly, what brands we are going to use. This being our first pregnancy – as I am sure many of you have experienced before – we have received a lot of advice from the people around us.

Dreambaby® Bath Seat

When we were looking for houses to rent, one thing that we were adamant about was that there needed be a bath. It is something that I am so looking forward to – bath time. The Dreambaby® Super Comfy Bath Seat is not only completely adorable, but it is an extremely well thought out product and of extremely high quality. Specially designed for comfort and convenience, the bath seat is suitable for babies who are able to sit up unassisted which normally happens around the six month mark.

The seat has four large suction caps on its base to secure the seat to the bath, ensuring a safe and sturdy bathing experience. It features a supportive back rest, a contoured non-skid seat and generous leg space. Both you and Bub will benefit from the design on the Dreambaby® Bath Seat as its front opens, making getting Bub in and out of the seat extremely simple. Not only that- and probably my most favourite feature of all – there is a little star fish located on the front of the seat that changes colour if the temperature of the bathwater is too hot for your little person! So darn clever, so darn cute.

Dreambaby® StrollerBuddy Stroller Clips

I am mad about the award-winning Stroller Clips from Dreambaby®! Not only do they look like tiny prehistoric birds (right?!), but the cerated teeth ensure for a firm hold. The clips lock tightly thanks to the uneven lengths of each mouth, meaning that your fabric covers will remain in place for as long as Bub needs them too! Plus, they are super bright, incredibly fun and extremely durable.

Dreambaby® Essential Grooming Kit

Pete will tell you that one of the things I am looking forward to most is seeing our baby’s tiny little fingernails and teeny weeny toenails. Not only that, but I cannot wait to dress Bub in the jumpsuits that have the little mittens built in so that they don’t accidentally scratch themselves. Because I am due in February though, our little human will be wearing a lot of short sleeves and singlet-type outfits which means that we will need to be vigilant with grooming.

The ten-piece grooming set from Dreambaby® includes a toothbrush, a comb, a brush, a pair of scissors, nail clippers, four nail files and a handy storage case for when you are on the move. Each piece in the grooming kit his specifically designed for use on young babies through to toddlers, helping keep them well groomed and healthy.

Dreambaby® Toothbrush features a compact head with soft bristles that are gentle on gums and developing teeth. The easy-grip handle is perfect for growing little humans, encouraging correct brushing techniques and comfort.

Dreambaby® Comb is ergonomic for parent and child handling and features non-scratch rounded teeth that are gentle on the scalp and will detangle hair (without the tears!).

Dreambaby® Brush once again features the easy-grip handle that will be perfect for when your toddler starts learning and practicing grooming for themselves. Soft and gentle on the scalp, the bristles are perfect for delicate, infant hair.

Dreambaby® Scissors have a rounded tip for safety and safe use as well as comfortable handles formal hands!

Dreambaby® Nail Clippers have been designed for the specific use on little finger and toe nails. Sized and curved for safe trimming, parents can trim their Bub’s nails with confidence and avoid those nasty little scratches.

Dreambaby® Emery Boards are perfect for use after Bub’s nails have been trimmed. The boards gently file away jagged edges to prevent any sharp nails.

The Dreambaby® Storage Case is compact and sturdy and is ideal when you are on the move. The interior compartments ensure that all Bub’s grooming essentials are accounted for, organised and hygienically stored.

BabyBjörn® Bouncer Bliss

The latest design of bouncer from BabyBjörn® is the Bouncer Bliss. The ergonomic bouncer offers natural rocking with your Bub’s movements – little kicks, enthusiastic arm-waving, etc. – providing the momentum; as the company’s website states, “the baby bouncer runs on pure fun!”. Offering amazing support for your baby’s neck, head and back right from birth.

As soon as we opened up the delivery of our Bouncer Bliss both Pete and I could imagine Bub in it, spending time with us whether it be outdoors with Pete as he tinkers away, or in the bathroom with me while I shower (which I have heard is an incredibly common occurrence). The bouncer is lightweight and portable, offering your Bub three different positions for play, rest and sleep and is incredibly simply and easy to to fold up and store.

The BabyBjörn® Bouncer Bliss is an award-winning bouncer with a brand new design. Aesthetically the bouncer is neutral and would suit any and every home. The grey base and frame give the bouncer a soft look with the seat itself made from cosy, cuddly quilted cotton. What’s more, the Bouncer Bliss can be used up until your Bub is two years old, so when they are able to sit up unassisted, it can be used as a comfy children’s chair.

BabyBjörn® Carrier One 

Another award-winning product with a brand new design, the BabyBjörn® Carrier One is a flexible, ergonomic and attractive carrier the parents can use from birth until three years. Full adjustable and exceedingly comfortable (trust me, Pete and I both tried it on and absolutely fell in love with it) the Carrier One has a wide, sturdy waist belt and thick padded shoulder straps to take the pressure off your back and shoulders, making for enjoyable and comfortable use.

When this package arrived for us, Pete put the Carrier One on straight away and familiarised himself with each and every clip, fastener and strap. He wore it around the house far longer than necessary and is absolutely mad about it. When he (finally) took it off, he slipped it over my head and his excitement was infectious – this carrier is the real deal.

The size, seat area and head support are all fully adjustable so each and every Bub can be carried comfortably for their size, as well as the carrier being completely adaptable and suitable as Bub grows! Able to be worn facing out or back carrying, the Carrier One allows you to carry your baby in a natural position with their back in a ‘C-curve’.

The BabyBjörn® Carrier One features timeless design that suits both mums and dads. Allowing parents to have their hands free the carrier means you can hold your baby in an upright position that will see them interacting with the world around them. Ensuring free air passages, free movement for your baby’s legs and arms, and good support for your baby’s neck and head this is the carrier to get when you are preparing for your Bub!

Bright Starts Teethe and Read

Crinkle books are among my absolute favourite things – seriously. I don’t know if I remember it from my early childhood or ifI remember it from when my littlest brother was a newborn, but the sound of the pages have a special little place in my heart. Mum bought Bub the Giraffe Bright Starts Teethe and Read – each page is brightly coloured and have textured teething corners for when your little one starts to bite, everything. The books are suitable for bubs three months and up!

I mean, come on.. look how freaking cute it is.

Johnson’s Baby Gift Box

Mum also bought Bub this Johnson’s Baby Gift Box (and I completely lost my mind over it). The pack includes Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes, a 225g Johnson’s Baby Powder, one 500ml Johnson’s Baby Top-to-To Bath, one Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and 200ml Johnson’s Baby Lotion.

Everyone always talks about the smell of newborns and how intoxicating and amazing it is (and it SO is), but I also adore the smell of Johnson’s baby products. It does something to me, surely I am not the only one..

Much like BabyBjörn®, Johnson’s are an industry leader with a proven and trusted company track record. And, as I mentioned earlier, I cannot express how excited I am for bath time, and who doesn’t love the smell of baby powder. Each of these Johnson’s products are an essential item to have in your inventory when expecting your little human, and will see you sharing moments with your baby that will remain with you (I for-see a lot of crying in my near future).


I really want to thank both Dreambaby® and BabyBjörn® for gifting me these products for an honest review. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with both of these incredible companies, truly.

Baby Björn x T(O)NM

Baby Björn x T(O)NM

As I have made abundantly clear (a number of times), Pete, Bub and I have been insanely busy of late. Every weekend there has been a wedding, or a family trip away, or a dinner – something, EVERYTHING. Last weekend was the beginning of what […]

Palmer’s Australia x T(O)NM

Palmer’s Australia x T(O)NM

  To kick this exciting post off, I did try and come up with a clever way of merging ‘palmers’ and ‘partnership’. Alas, all I came up with was palmnership and that just doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. It also completely fails to capture how […]

Palmers Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

Palmers Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

I have tattoos. I have enough tattoos now that people have finally stopped asking me, “How many tattoos do you have?!” My tattoos are my thing and I love them.

With every piece of ink that I have had done, I have always been wary of how my body is going to change over time and as a woman. I have always known that I wanted to have children and, as such, have always kept that in mind when placing the designs on my body. I have both of my rib cages tattooed quite significantly, and although their placement shouldn’t be affected too much by my growing bump I do want to ensure that I am doing everything I can to keep my skin youthful and stretchy and capable of bouncing back post-baby (otherwise Dorothy and Alice are going to be incredibly unfortunate looking).

I have been using Palmers Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks for the last month or so. As a thing, I don’t like moisturiser. I cannot stand feeling oily and slimy, I don’t like smelling like anything other than myself (delicious) and I don’t like that after I moisturise I cannot successfully put jeans on, use my phone or computer because greasy and my boobs slide all over the place (which sounds erotic but really, seriously isn’t).

What I like about the Palmers stuff is that it actually absorbs into my skin. I put it on twice a day: once in the morning after my shower just before I leave for work, and again at night after a shower right before I am going to bed. This is my pick of the bunch because I can quickly lather my belly up and then put my top or dress on and I don’t feel fucking feral AND of a night I can put it on and jump straight into bed without the linen sticking to me and ruining my life.

And yes, it does have a scent, but it isn’t offensive and it smells of chocolate and earth and happiness. If I am going to to smell like anything other than myself, I want to smell like happiness.

Please keep in mind that I am not being paid to promote this brand (pfft, I wish) because I am nowhere near important or relevant enough (yet). I highly recommend, if that stands for anything, which I realise it probably doesn’t, but still.