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Remember me?

Remember me?

It has been over two months since I last posted and truly, I have no idea where that time has gone. Next Monday, Hunter is eight months old. EIGHT MONTHS. That’s almost nine months, which is pretty much ten months, which is pretty much one […]

Day Thirteen: Christmas Morning Breakfast Menu

Day Thirteen: Christmas Morning Breakfast Menu

When I think of Christmas morning, what tends to come to mind first are the smells that come with it. The smell of the real Christmas tree, the smell of fresh coffee grinds and steamed milk, the smell of bacon and slightly burnt toast and […]

Day Eight: Christmas Traditions (and the ones I want to start)

Day Eight: Christmas Traditions (and the ones I want to start)

As I have mentioned in a few of these Christmas posts, my family has a few things that we do each and every year that make up our own little traditions. The visits from Santa, the morning trips to the cafe, the mojitos in the sun. All of these little moments are what make Christmas what it is for me, and what I want it to be for my son and my own little family. My family have a few other traditions as well, but there are also things that I have always wanted to make part of the Christmas season but haven’t felt like I was able to. As much fun as this time of year is, I am probably the one who gets most excited by Christmas. I am also the only one in my family who places this much emphasis and desire on making things a ‘tradition’. I have no idea where I got this from, but it’s who I am – my name is Leah Cwikel and I am a Christmas-aholic.

Like I mentioned in whatever post it was that I mentioned it in, every Christmas morning Mum, my brothers and I will wake up at the same time, step outside of our rooms and see what Santa has in store for us. After the initial hunting and gathering of presents, and a lot of hugging, Mum and I or my brother and I will head up to the café to make everyone coffees, fresh juice and to pick up whatever other supplies we may need for Christmas morning breakfast (like lemon for the pancakes, or bacon to go with the eggs). Once we arrive back, we will all sit down around the tree drinking our coffees and taking it in turns to give each other presents.

What I haven’t mentioned until now, is that every year we will do all of this donning Christmas hats. That is one of our most serious, steadfast traditions. In the lead up to Christmas every year, we will buy a new set of hats for each of us. There have been elf hats with ears attached, sequined Santa hats, baby pink Santa hats (mum’s choice) and reindeer headbands.

We have done this every year except one where, instead of the hats, my brothers and I went to Big W and bought each of us a ‘bad Christmas t-shirt’. We loved the idea of ugly Christmas sweaters but it is just too hot for that here in Australia (even though the last five or six Christmas’ have been grey and rainy).

It’s a lame tradition but I love it.

Another tradition that comes with our family’s Christmas is the breakfast menu:

–          Coffee (two or three)

–          Juice

–          Pancakes with maple syrup and lemon and sugar

–          Bacon, eggs, roast tomatoes and toast

We always have too much food – especially pancakes. Ever since Jack was little, pancakes have been his favourite. When he was about six, he ate a record eight pancakes and has been trying to beat it ever since. So far, eight is the record. Mum has always made the best pancakes, and I have always loved watching her make them; she has always had really strong, beautiful long nails (which thankfully, she passed on to me as well) and instead of flipping pancakes with a spatula or a knife, she would peel the edges up with her nails, pick the pancake up and flip it over. I was always mesmerised by how she did it and now, it’s how I flip my pancakes too.

Every Christmas Eve for the past five or so years, we all meet up at The Bayview, the pub in Gladesville where one of my brothers work. It has become the pub’s biggest night of the year and there is always EVERYONE you know there, and music, and festive humans (some too festive, really) and it’s close to home and makes for a good few hours of fun before collapsing into bed ready for the big day.

The only other tradition that I can think of is that whenever we crack Christmas bon-bons over lunch, we always read the jokes out to each other and wear the silly paper hats for as long as we can before they get too infuriating to bear.

I have thought about what traditions I want to share and pass on to my children and in my little family for years. I have added to the list of my desired traditions each and every year and, now that we are expecting a little man OH SO SOON, I can finally realise all of them. ALL OF THEM.

I will continue all of the traditions that I have grown up with – ESPECIALLY THE VISITS FROM SANTA – but in addition to them, the traditions I want to introduce are as follows:

 – I want to have a giant box or chest that becomes known as the Christmas Box. It will be where I keep all of our decorations and Christmas knick-knacks and, every time the box comes out, Bub will know that it’s Christmas time – TIME TO GET EXCITED.

 – I want to set up the tree on the same day every year, December first. Each year the Christmas Box will come out and the tree will go up and we will all decorate it, and the house, together.

 – Every December, I want to read Christmas books. I don’t even mind if I read the same ones each year; I find that every time you read a book, especially with big chunk of time in the middle, you get something different out of it.

 – Every December , I want to watch Christmas movies as a family.

 – During the second weekend in December, I want to drive to a road or street in Sydney that is illuminated brightly with Christmas lights; where there are lots of families wandering around, pointing out the different things they see.

 – I didn’t know whether or not I was going to jump on the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ band wagon.. but I am totally all for it. 100%. Couldn’t be more excited for it. Yes. Christmas and elves and yes.

None of the traditions are particularly special or out there or extravagant, but they are what I have always wanted to do in my childhood, teenage and adult years (my whole life) and all I feel is that it will bring my family closer and all I can think of is the happiness, surprise and joy it will bring my son. And that’s what this is all about now, it’s all for him.

The (Oblivious) New Mama’s 25 Days of Christmas

The (Oblivious) New Mama’s 25 Days of Christmas

It’s December! It’s Summer! It’s the festive season! Our Christmas tree is up! Our cat has discovered a love of tearing baubles off the tree and waking us up at 5am by chasing them down the hallway! Seriously though, I am so freaking excited that […]

Baby Shower Supplies

Baby Shower Supplies

Whether you are going all out and hiring a venue and catering and the whole shebang, or if you are doing something at home with a budget, your baby shower can still ooze fabulousness, instgrammableness and loveliness! I have always loved hand-making as much as […]

The (Oblivious) New Mama Personalised Baby Shower Cookies

The (Oblivious) New Mama Personalised Baby Shower Cookies

This coming Saturday is our baby shower, and over the weekend Pete and I were all systems go. Over the weekend, Shari and I did a huge shop for all of the food for next weekend, as well as ordering the balloon bouquets and buying napkins and plates and decorations and everything else in between. We also visited a few clothes shops to try and find me a dress for the occasion.. alas, my boobs proved far too problematic. Nearing a G-cup now (…yep), my maternity bra has its work cut out for it. The thick straps are a godsend for my back but also mean I can’t wear anything with a thin strap. The high cut of the bra again, an absolute dream for me but it means that pretty much everything I wear has to have a high neck cut. I did try some dresses on without a bra to see if it could work.. It can’t. Not at all. No. Shari and I both learned that there is definitely such a thing as too much breast.

Yesterday, Pete spent most of the day outside getting our garden and outdoor area ready for the barbeque. He gurnie-ed (I don’t know how to make that a verb), and weeded, and mowed, and raked and anything else you can think of that is an outdoor domestic task. He did it all and the place looks freaking immaculate.

I, on the other hand, made about a thousand cookies.

I have really gotten into my baking lately, especially since purchasing fondant icing tools from ebay among a plethora of different shaped cookie cutters and letter embossers. I ordered a baby shower set of cookie cutters last month that included a bib, a onesie and a baby bottle. I also love anything that is homemade (we all know that by now) as well as anything personalised. So, I am so chuffed to share The (Oblivious) New Mama’s Personalised Baby Shower Cookies!

Vanilla Snap Cookies

Ingredients – 

185g butter

1 cup caster sugar

1 and a half tsp vanilla extract

2 and a half cups of plain flour

1 egg

1 extra egg yolk

Method – 

Blend butter sugar and vanilla in a bowl or food processor

Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth dough forms

Dive the mixture in half and roll to about 5mm thick on baking paper

Refrigerate for about ten minutes

Using your cookie cutter, cut out cookies and bake until a light golden colour


I have tried a few different ready-to-roll icings now but have found that the Coles brand one is the easiest to work with and, therefore, gives better results

If you are wanting to work a colour into the icing, tear the icing into chunks and place in a bowl

Squeeze as much colouring as you want onto the icing and knead until it is consistent the whole way through

On baking paper, roll the icing out to the desired thickness and use cookie cutters or icing stamps to shape icing

Dip your finger into some water, rub onto the back of the icing and press gently onto cookie and let set

For our baby shower, I tried to stay away from everything being BLUE. Instead, we are going for a more natural palette including a lot of whites, light browns and dark greens. It is a very rustic theme that we are going for, and I will be adding pops of blue throughout the decor including a couple of blue balloons, blue lollies and some light blue napkins. I wanted to keep that theme going with the cookies however I did make more blue coloured ones just to add that little bit more blue to the mix.

This may sound completely lame – but I am definitely past the point of caring about how soppy and love-dovey I sound – but I loved making these for my little man. I loved creating the ‘Baby Boyle’ cookies with our son in mind, and every time I finished a batch I would run down to Pete in the yard and show him and we hugged each time and then he would say, “For our little man” and rub my belly and then we would kiss. It’s just such a simple touch that adds so much warmth and love to a baby shower, and come on – how freaking adorable are they?!

If you or someone you know is having a baby shower and would like to order some The (Oblivious) New Mama Personalised Baby Shower Cookies please shoot me an email or a direct message on Instagram. There are boy and girl options and I can customise orders to pretty much whatever your heart desires!! I would love to be a part of your special day in the sweetest way possible!

Baby Shower List(s)

Baby Shower List(s)

Lists are my favourite. I have mentioned that several times. Lists give me direction. Lists allow me to plan. Lists let me know when I have achieved things. I have several notebooks that I use specifically for list-making. Planning a baby shower, it turns out, […]

Homemade Baby Shower Bunting

Homemade Baby Shower Bunting

Our baby boy’s baby shower is a mere nineteen days away. In that time, Pete needs to finish building our barbeque and installing out outdoor wood-fire pizza oven (YEP!), we need to get the furniture for the nursery, I need to order our cake with […]

Homemade Baby Shower Cake Topper

Homemade Baby Shower Cake Topper

Craft holds a special place in my heart. When I was a toddler, Mum and I spent dozens of afternoons cutting out pictures from magazines and calendars and newspapers and making collages. We made fairy wands, and stuck gems on everything that we could get our hands on. When The Cliterature Club (the all-woman book club that I started last year) was in full swing, I handmade things for the girls each and every week. I freaking love craft. Of late, with everything going on in life and in my stomach, my creativity has been trumped by external factors and exhaustion. BUT NO MORE. With The (Oblivious) New Mama going from strength to strength (thank you, everyone), my motivation, desire, love and passion for handmade crafts has returned with gusto!

I am putting my energy towards our baby shower and the festive season, and this is the first of many DIY/homemade projects and activities that you will all be privy to in the coming weeks.

When it comes to the baby shower, even though we are having a little boy, the last thing that I want is for everything to be blue. I am much more of a neutral palette with pops of colour kind of mama and that is exactly what I am aiming for when it comes to the decorations and overall theme of the day. As well as this, ours is a little bit different as we will also be celebrating Pete’s birthday on the same day, so it will need to speak to both of those events.

There is something so special about designing and creating things yourself – I think so anyway – especially when it is for something so important and exciting and personal as the welcoming of your first child. I get such fulfilment when I see little projects come together, and even more joy when it is seen and appreciated by others. Something that I really want to get into as a part of this business is helping organise, plan and create things for baby showers. Personalised treats, personalised buntings, PERSONALISED EVERYTHING. So in the coming weeks, stay tuned as I walk you through each and every bit of decoration and planning that I embark on ahead of our BUB-beque. First up, the cutest ever mini bunting baby shower cake topper!

Supplies –

brown paper


kebab sticks

letter stickers




craft glue

sticky tape


Method – 

Ignoring the one-eyed cat, measure out horizontal points 2.5cm apart and mark twice, with the bottom point at 3cm height

Draw a horizontal line across the entire length of the page at 3cm, and vertical lines connecting your 2 points

Lining your ruler up against the horizontal line, mark the centre of each box with a dot (this will be at 1.4cm or 14mm). Then, from the corners of each box, connect the centre dot with a diagonal line.

Note: feel free to choose whatever shape you want for your mini bunting. I personally love these little flags, however triangles, squares or rectangles would also be cute as hell!

Cut out the entire row’s outline however do not cut out each single mini bunting piece just yet!

Use the row you have cut out as a stencil to make however many rows you need. This will depend on what you would like your cake topper to say!

Once you have enough individual buntings for the amount of letters you need, cut each individual one out.

Using letter stickers (I bought mine from Kmart) or, alternatively you can hand-write your letters if you wanted to, place one letter per bunting square until the word/phrase is complete.

Set each piece on a flat surface with a 1cm gap in between each. Remember to lie them face down with the word back to front, otherwise it won’t read the right way when you turn it over! Cut a length of twine (mine was just under 15cm) and make sure to leave enough excess to tie knots at each end.

Holding the string firmly over each piece, sticky tape the twine to the back of the bunting close to the top. Hint: pre-tear your sticky tape strips to make this step a whole lot easier.

My cake topper says BABY MAMA (cute) so my mini bunting will consist of two rows of four letters, which ends up looking like this:

Tie each end of the bunting to a kebab stick.

Trim the excess twine and secure the knots with a small amount of craft glue to ensure they stay in place!

Our cake is being made by the incredible team at Unwritten Cafe. We are having a vanilla sponge cake with semi-naked white icing (so you can see some of the cake through the icing) that will be decorated with Australian native flowers. It’s going to be very rustic and oh-so-pretty, so this mini bunting cake topper will fit in nicely with that whole look!

113 days until due date

113 days until due date

I am absolutely exhausted. I am in good spirits, I am the happiest I have been in a long time but I am ridiculously tired/spent/debilitated. There is nothing left in the tank. Bubba has been going through a big growth spurt this last week which […]