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If you are in Sydney this morning then you would have to agree that there was something deliciously magical about it. Even in the early hours of the morning, you could feel the suggestion of summer. The air was still, the sky uninterruptedly blue and the warmth of the sun kissing all it could reach. Yes – there was something about this morning. The season of spring is arguably the most anticipated each and every year; everyone always awaits the transition from winter to spring, eager for the fresh start that the season has come to be known for. People become really hopeful around this time of year, shedding everything and all that happened in the months that preceded it. Something akin to New Years resolutions, September first has become the turning point for many people, bringing with it the promise of something new, something fresh.

I woke up this morning after my first full night’s sleep in over six months and felt fucking brilliant. I got myself a coffee from the cafe and drove to work; the morning had a subtle golden tinge to it, similar though less ominous to those summer mornings that follow a bushfire. The morning glowed. I had Lily Allen playing (again), I pulled up to my usual parking spot, put my window down and started a new book. It was a completely picturesque moment – the sun was beaming into the car, there were birds singing (this is kind of reminding me of that scene in the original Cinderella) and I had nowhere to be and nothing to do except read and relax and get mildly sunburnt.

I have never been one to make New Years Resolutions as I have always been of the belief that if you want to change something or start something or be something, you don’t need a certain date on the calendar to make it happen. However, there was definitely something about today that filled me with a motivation that I haven’t felt in a while. Sitting in my car reading, I felt really fucking excitable. I felt a renewed energy (but perhaps that was because of the fact that I actually got some decent hours of sleep).

There really is something about a big, bright blue sky and flowers and the sound of birds and if anyone tells you otherwise, just cut them out of your life as they are obviously liars.

I think I have also mentioned that I haven’t read a book in over two months, and sitting there today, that felt like a distant memory. Spring feels like it has reset things for me and reminded me to do things that are inherently me. This morning made me want to immediately walk the bay, and go for a swim at Drummoyne pool, and sit on my brand new deck and eat cheese and strawberries and Splice ice blocks, and sit at my desk at home and build my empire, and come up with new meal recipes and undertake new baking endeavours and read all the books on my shelves that I have not read yet.

Bubba joined in on the action this morning, kicking me happily for the entire time I was reading. He is good at always letting me know he is awake and there and active at the most perfect time. There have been moments where I have felt a bit down and then he rolls around and kicks and I forget to feel anything but joy. And then there are moments like the one I had this morning that are perfect in their own right but then bub joins the party and makes it even more perfect and wonderful and everything.

Keeping on with the pregnancy side of things, this glorious weather also means that I will eliminate the dress of having to dress the bump warmly and snug and still look nice and pregnant. I can slip into a dress, chuck on some shoes and walk out the door, breasts and bump leading the way. That in itself makes for an even happier me.

This post doesn’t have a whole lot to do with anything – but that’s the beauty of spring, right? Pointless appreciation and happiness and a big, dopey grin.

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