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Day Thirteen: Christmas Morning Breakfast Menu

Day Thirteen: Christmas Morning Breakfast Menu

When I think of Christmas morning, what tends to come to mind first are the smells that come with it. The smell of the real Christmas tree, the smell of fresh coffee grinds and steamed milk, the smell of bacon and slightly burnt toast and […]

Gnocchi Arrabiata, baby!

Gnocchi Arrabiata, baby!

Last week on my lunch break I was craving my usual chicken and salad banh mi with extra salad and no onion. This particular craving has lasted about six weeks so far with no end in sight. My friend and colleague Mika, on this particular […]

Day Twelve: Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Day Twelve: Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Do you love entertaining? Yes.

Do you love Christmas decorations? Yes.

Do you love food? Yes.


Combining all things festive and Christmas and food and hosting and entertaining and eating and being merry, today we will be looking at some really incredible (and easy to achieve) Christmas Table Setting Ideas to make your get together just that little bit special this year! Though I am partial to a grazing table with people milling about the house happily, I also love sit down meals where there is just masses of food lining the table and there are arms and limbs going everywhere passing the potato bake and the chicken and the salad and the prawns amongst one another.

With everyone coming to our place for Christmas this year (because I will be huge and tired and probably pass out halfway during the day), I get to decorate our house once again and make cookies and make the place as Christmas-y as possible. We have a beautiful dining table which is the main hub of our home and I am so excited to deck it out with Christmas treats, beautiful napkins and little decorations here and there. There is nothing more rewarding to me than people’s first reactions when it comes to decor – and there is no one more important to me than my family and my extended family – so I have trawled the web for inspiration for Christmas Table Settings and I am going to share them with you here, today, RIGHT NOW.

Probably my favourite table setting decor that I came across was from Eclectic Creative whose owner and creator, Jess, has an Australian background. Her Australian-inspired Christmas table is absolutely stunning AND she has included personalised cookies for each table place which is totally up my alley. I definitely plan on using a lot of the elements that feature below for my own Christmas table this year (in just thirteen days!). Instead of my usual vanilla biscuits that I make, for the big day I will be making spiced ginger biscuits with fondant icing – some of the cookies I will press with Christmas messages like the ones from Eclectic Creative, while others I will decorate with Christmas sprinkles that I have bought specially for the occasion. I also love the accents of the baubles that are scattered on the table and, knowing my mum, she will bring big bunches of flowers that we will place on the table as well!


From Homes to Love I loved the Christmas cracker on each table place as well as the small plates of nibbles and sweets (especially nougat, always nougat). The simplicity of this table setting, with a bit of a 60s feel with the light mint green plates and funky cutlery, is gorgeous and the simple lace tablecloth is a little bit pretty, a little bit elegant and a little bit festive. Yes, yes and more yes.


For something very simple to make that is still super pretty, The Stylist Splash created these really sweet mini rosemary wreaths that are held together with twine. By now you should all know (and probably be totally sick of hearing about it) that I am a big fan of the natural, rustic, country, homemade aesthetic. CANNOT GET EOUGH OF IT. This ticks that box and they are adorable. TINY WREATHS. Love.

I found this image on Pinterest but I wasn’t able to source where it was from – but I love this idea for cutlery. I didn’t realise how festive and versatile rosemary was as a decoration! I’m obsessed now! I love the twine/rosemary/hand-drawn swing tag combo of this and again, it is such a simple idea to execute and so beautiful. I also want this cutlery set, but I guess that isn’t really the point of all this..


My mum has so many decorative things in her house. She loves a floor vase or any kind of ceramic pot of jug. She love stones and pebbles and bowls. And for some reason she has a wicker basket that is full of pine cones. I have never understood where she got the pine cones from as I have never seen her collecting them, but she has had them for years through NUMEROUS moves. NOW though, I have a use for them! From A Piece of Rainbow is this DIY snowy wintery themed table decoration that features, you guessed it, PINE CONES!


And finally, for all of you with little ones, from Brit + Co is this Christmas Table Setting Idea should inspire the hell out of you! LOOK HOW CUTE THIS IS. Make the kids feel special by creating placeholders for them as well as fun activities to tick off, craft, colouring-in sheets and some Christmas treats to satisfy their sweet tooth! I cannot tell you how excited I am for our little man to be old enough that I can do this! Ahhh. Yes. (Also, every single idea on that Brit + Co hyperlink is AMAZING and I want to – and will – do all of them!)

Day Eleven: Homemade Christmas Cards

Day Eleven: Homemade Christmas Cards

Who doesn’t love a decent pun? Or a well-timed pop culture reference? Or the odd insult every now and then (all in good faith, of course)? Greeting cards, more often than not, are so impersonal, each of them similar to the next feigning well wishes […]

Day Ten: Christmas Cookies

Day Ten: Christmas Cookies

So a few weeks ago, I made these bad boys for Unwritten Cafe: And I am happy to report that they all sold out! Over the weekend, I made a new batch of Christmas cookies that are on sale, in-store at Unwritten now!! They are […]

Day Nine: Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Day Nine: Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Much like my cocktail post, I had planned buying a shitload of wrapping paper and decorative elements and wrapping presents and taking pretty photos but the pregnancy is catching up with me, the hours in the day seem to pass without me realising it and, why should I take credit for the amazing, creative talent and ideas of other talented bloggers?

So here we have it, day nine of the countdown featuring some of the prettiest wrapping I ever did see.

First up we have the wrapping genius behind our lead image from EatWell101. I have always been mad for natural wrapping as in brown paper, twine, nature-y elements.. this is THE perfect marriage of each of those things and I love this. Love it, love it, love it.


Next, from Smart Furniture comes another minimal, natural wrapping theme. I am obviously obsessed with this one as well.

The next group of gift wrapping examples comes from Stylizimo – and they are stunning, people. There isn’t much text to go off, but the two ideas will require a bit more preparation that you will need to source a few more materials including swing tags, cookie cutters (if you desire), or alternative decorative elements.


Sticking with the theme I love so much, from These Four Walls blog comes this stunning array of wrapping ideas. Though all in the same vein, each of them varies just a little bit to make for a beautiful pile of gifts and goodies beneath one’s Christmas tree!


So so so pretty, so chic, so much, so everything. These ideas from Maison de Pax are BEAUTIFUL and all other lovely adjectives EVER, ’nuff said.


And finally, I found this one from the blog Place of My Taste, but I am not sure where this image or idea originated from. This is one of my favourites as it requires minimal supplies, instead layering the same textures and materials for the desired effect. SAH PRETTY.

Day Eight: Christmas Traditions (and the ones I want to start)

Day Eight: Christmas Traditions (and the ones I want to start)

As I have mentioned in a few of these Christmas posts, my family has a few things that we do each and every year that make up our own little traditions. The visits from Santa, the morning trips to the cafe, the mojitos in the […]

Day Seven: Christmas Cocktails

Day Seven: Christmas Cocktails

YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I have been so excited for this post! I may not be able to enjoy a stiff drink at the moment (and to be honest, I actually haven’t felt like one) but I can still appreciate one, or, the idea of one. I had planned […]

63 days until due date

63 days until due date

Sixty-three days?! That’s nothing. I have all the feelings.

I am thirty-one weeks today and oh boy, do I feel it.

Generally speaking I am doing well! I feel healthy, I have enough energy each day to get me through until about 1.30pm and although I don’t sleep through the night, when I am asleep it is a deep sleep (before my bladder or my son wakes me up).

We had our baby shower last weekend and it was such a beautiful day. We were surrounded by friends and family and there was enough food to feed our entire suburb for three weeks and alcohol was drank and our little man, Pete and I received some beautiful gifts. Since moving into our house, a lot of what we have been doing around the place was not only in preparation for the arrival of bub, but it was also in preparation for hosting our baby BUB-beque. It was the first time Pete’s and my family were meeting, and the first time that we were introducing ourselves to everyone as a little family of three in our home that we created together. We couldn’t have wished for the day to go any better; all of our family and friends introduced themselves to one another if they hadn’t met before, every room of our house was filled with conversation and laughter and the backyard smelt of delicious meat cooking on a coal barbeque.

At thirty-one weeks I only have two more hospital appointments before my due date. I only have two weeks of work left. It really does feel that the next two months are going to absolutely fly by and before we know it, we will be holding our son in our arms and weeping over how perfect he is.

I am getting bigger with each and every day that passes – and this is confirmed over and over again by my family and work colleagues – and so is Bub. He is so big now that by just resting our hands on my belly, Pete and I are able to feel his head, his feet and his legs; we are able to feel our son’s body and it is positively surreal. Not only is he big, but my god is he strong. I was sitting at my desk yesterday and he was kicking the hell out of me and it hurt – it really, really hurt. I had to press my hand quite firmly into the right side of my stomach to keep him away from what I sure are some of my vital organs. I tried getting up and walking around in hopes that he would shift his position or go to sleep, but no. Up until last week, I could only really feel him kicking or moving when I was sitting or lying down, but now it doesn’t matter where I am or whether I am standing or sitting, I can feel him constantly. He is my active little companion and he makes sure that I know it.

Pete and I were sitting on the lounge last night watching Vikings – and, holy shit, if you haven’t watched it, WATCH IT. I didn’t think I would like it, but I am obsessed. And Travis Fimmel is a bloody dreamboat – literally bloody. I never thought that I would find someone whose face is spattered with blood so damn attractive but I DO. Now I sit on the lounge and demand more battles scenes just so I can see this:

Good lord.


So we were sitting on the lounge and once again I got an overwhelming surge of love and adoration for our son. He has so much personality already and I love that he and I know each other already – because we do. I can’t describe the connection that I feel with him because it is so intimate. I love that he and I have to work together to get through the day. I love that everything I do is with him in mind – what I eat, how I sit, all the visits to the bathroom (which, by the way have increased once again). He is the biggest part of my days and my nights, my little companion and I truly cannot wait to meet him.

Pete also picked up the last piece of furniture for Bub’s room which was a Boori chest of drawers to match the cot and the change table that we got a few weeks ago. Pete is away this weekend and I am going to get our son’s room all set up for when he gets back. I am going to wash and fold and put away all of his clothes, and buy nappies to stack on the shelves beneath the change table and get out all of the picture books and set them up. Bub already feels like a part of the family and, once again, I am finding it difficult to describe what it feels like getting all of this ready for him. Pete is so proud of the room that we have created for our son and he said last night, “Our little man is going to love his room, and he deserves it all”. And he does.

I realised the other day that I have almost forgotten what it is like to NOT be pregnant. It’s weird. A colleague and friend of mine said to me, “I have never not known you pregnant” – and she hasn’t because I found out I was pregnant the day before I started this job. She then went on to say that she actually doesn’t know much of my back story either which got me thinking. I went through some old photos and almost didn’t recognise myself. Women are pregnant for ten months all up, almost a whole year, so I guess that it’s pretty normal to forget how you used to look, how you used to feel and even what you used to wear before growing a human. But even more than that, I realised that I will never be that person again. Ever. My body will forever bear the marks of having been pregnant and having a child, and I am in no way saying that as a bad thing, not at all. I just found myself really stopping and thinking about how I used to look and who I used to be, and wondering who I am about to become.

I have to say, I am excited to find out.

I am also excited, I will admit, to wear my normal clothes once again and not be restricted to a handful of comfortable items of clothing that I wear in steady circulation. I didn’t realise how trendy I was before everything stopped fitting me. Though I may not feel comfortable wearing the crop tops and short skirts that I used to wear (I am a mother now, after all), I am looking forward to having options, having the energy to accessorise and pretty myself up and to just feeling like myself again but in a new way. I am looking forward to feeling sexy again!

Overall, I can’t remember being happier than I am now. I can’t remember ever being more in love in my relationship, more settled and grateful for my home, more inspired to create or more ready to face whatever the future holds. My son and Pete are the catalysts for those feelings and every morning I wake up grateful for Pete’s arm around me and my son’s kicks against my belly.

I’ll leave you with this:

And this:

You’re welcome.

Day Six: Best Christmas Reads for Kids and Adults

Day Six: Best Christmas Reads for Kids and Adults

Christmas and books and books about Christmas – THIS POST HAS IT ALL. I have always wanted to have a tradition where I read Christmas books throughout December. Until now, this has remained but a thought and a wish.. this year however, I plan on […]