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My Kind o’ Big Breakfast

My Kind o’ Big Breakfast

As all of you are probably aware of by now, being pregnant has not curbed any of my eating habits. Sure there are days where I will desperately feel like one thing in particular, however the very next day that same thing could repulse me. Besides the ad hoc cravings, there are no foods that I am actively avoiding (THE HORROR). If my body is craving something, I am of the belief that it is then okay to consume that thing.

For instance, a few weeks ago I was craving smoked salmon. I could not get enough of the oily beast. I had it on toast in the morning and then in my sandwiches at lunch. I ate so much salmon that I became salmon. The next week? Just the thought of smoked salmon turned my stomach and I could not believe that I had consumed such a large quantity of the foul fish. This week, I feel neither here nor there.

I am premising this recipe with that fun little anecdote because this meal does include a deli meat (the best one in my opinion) and I know that many mamas out there will be warned to steer clear of it. Fuck that, I say. Eat all the food.

Poached eggs on toast with pesto and prosciutto

Now, the best recipes to me are those that have simple ingredients but that are put together with OTHER simple ingredients for one delicious culinary experience. This recipe may seem simple and you say to yourself, “Well I could have come up with that,” – GOOD! Those are the best recipes, and you will come to realise that I am right about that.

Ingredients – 


two eggs



basil pesto (homemade – see below for recipe – or store bought)

goats cheese

cherry tomatoes

balsamic vinegar


Method – 

Toast your toast

Bring water, with a splash of white vinegar, to a simmer and crack your eggs into the water slowly for poaching

Butter toast and then lather the goats cheese on (all of it)

Check your eggs

Place prosciutto on top of goats cheese (again, just use all of it because it’s delicious)

Roughly chop cherry tomatoes and place on top of prosciutto (feel free to soften them in a frying pan with some oil, salt and pepper if that’s your thing)

Grab the eggs out of the water with a spoon, pat dry with a kitchen towel and place on toast (don’t forget to season with salt, pepper and a splash of olive oil)

Spoon a HUGE dollop of pesto on top

Top with balsamic vinegar



Homemade Basil Pesto –

two bunches of fresh basil

olive oil



pine nuts (I like to dry toast mine in a pan first)


In a food processor, or with a stick blender, or in a blender, place both bunches of basil, a generous amount of olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper, a handful of pine nuts and a squeeze of lemon. Blend until combined, but leave it kinda chunky! Taste as you go and season however you see fit!

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