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La mia firma salsa di pasta

La mia firma salsa di pasta

If anyone were to ask me, “Leah, what are you most proud of in life?” I would answer, “My pasta sauce.”

Look, I probably wouldn’t say that as my first answer.. but I am known for my homemade pasta sauce throughout the land.

Again, no, not the land, just my home. But legit, it is fucking delicious and oh-so-simple. Since moving out of home I have been honing this recipe; adding herbs, changing quantities, trying different kinds of mince meat, experimenting with different cooking times. Finally, la mia firma salsa di pasta is fucking perfecto.


Ingredients – 

mince meat (I use the 4 star beef mince from Coles)

1 brown onion

1 bunch basil

minced garlic

italian herbs

salt and pepper

balsamic vinegar

olive oil

1 tin diced tomatoes

tomato passata

pasta (Pete’s favourite is the Barilla Spaghetti No. 5, whereas I personally prefer Angel Hair.. so go with Angel Hair)

Method – 

In a hot pan – or pot – put garlic (however much you want, I generally use about a tablespoon and a half, though I have never measured it), salt, pepper, italian herbs and a generous-ish amount of olive oil

Cut onion in thin slices (not diced, fuck that, way too much effort) and roughly chop basil then add to the pan

Cook for a minute or two and then splash in some balsamic vinegar, cook until onions start to soften

Pull apart mince mince meat, drop into pan with the onions and stir (I just use my hands to pull the mince apart, but you can separate it in the pan with two spoons if you are a bit precious. Kidding. Kinda.)

When meat is almost all browned, add the full can of tinned tomatoes and half the bottle of passata. Fill the empty tomato tin with water, swirl around and add to the sauce as well

Add a pinch more salt and pepper, and another generous splash of balsamic vinegar and stir

Cook for as long as you can before eating (at least for twenty minutes). If you are able to cook for over an hour, make sure you check regularly and add more water if the sauce is looking dry, and continue stirring

Cook your pasta in a pot of boiling, salted water

Eat and send your praise through to me at

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