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I need to do what..?

I need to do what..?

The name of this blog really rings true when it came to me knowing what the hell I had to do for the birth of Hunter by way of legal documents and appointments and the whole Centrelink debacle. Even just the other day when I took Hunter to the doctor to get his needles I had no idea that I actually needed to book him in to get his immunisations, not just show up to a regular appointment. Luckily, my incredible doctor squeezed us in, but I was informed that for his next lot of needles, I would need to book it properly to make sure he gets them on time.

I had zero idea that I had to book a specific appointment for vaccinations.

I didn’t even realise I had to book in Hunter’s birth with the hospital! I seriously thought that I just chose where I wanted to give birth and then when it all kicked off I just showed up.


What I have learned though is that the things I was most worried and naive about are actually really easy to do. Adding Hunter to my Medicare card, receiving our parental payments from the government, registering his birth – these are all the things that you need to do after the birth of your little one.

I would have found it really helpful if there was a post about these processes when I had to do them, so I thought that that is what I would provide for all the other mothers out there that have no idea what they are doing.

I strongly suggest applying for Paid Parental Leave through Centrelink. I actually started this process before Hunter was born because you can send through the application within 28 days of your child’s birth. You can lodge it online if that suits you best, but because there is a Centrelink office just up the road from our house, I chose to go in. I have always found government documents far easier to manage and lodge in person; I always have questions or am confused about one thing or another so having people available to help me makes the whole process a lot less stressful and a lot less daunting.

I would also strongly suggest downloading the myGOV app onto your phone because you can manage all of your claims, keep track of your payments and upload documents when required.

Although you can lodge the claim, it won’t be completed until after your Bub is born, and you will then have to upload your Newborn Child Declaration document which that will give to you when you are discharged from hospital. You can do this through the app and it will be added to your claim.

It is a similar process to add your child to your Medicare card. Again, I went into their office to do this and the card arrived within a couple of days.

The last thing that is on my to-do list – which I have to do by tomorrow because Hunter will be eight weeks old.. – is to register his birth. This is a simple process, made even simpler by the Parent Pack they give you when you leave hospital (which is where you will find the Newborn Child Declaration form too). The only tedious bit is getting all of the supporting documentation together (passports, licences, medicare cards, etc.) but besides that, it’s straightforward!

I realise that to some people, all of these things seem pretty straightforward and simple, but because I have never been great with forms or anything of this nature, I found it overwhelming until I was actually doing it. And I also realise how mundane and dry and boring this post is, but like I said, I would have found support and solace in a post like this and so here we are.

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