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Homemade Baby Shower Bunting

Homemade Baby Shower Bunting

Our baby boy’s baby shower is a mere nineteen days away. In that time, Pete needs to finish building our barbeque and installing out outdoor wood-fire pizza oven (YEP!), we need to get the furniture for the nursery, I need to order our cake with my mum as well as purchasing balloons, and decorations, and tableware and all the food and all the beverages AND finish off all of the homemade elements that I am making for the day. Safe to say, we have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us.

So, wasting no time at all I wanted to share with you my homemade baby shower bunting! We are not going for the traditional EVERYTHING IS BLUE BECAUSE WE ARE HAVING A BOY kind of baby shower. Instead, I will be decorating our home and the main grazing table with natural colours like brown, white and dark green with splashes of blue here and there. As far as decorative buntings go, I have purchased a flag bunting as well as a DIY blackboard bunting, both of which are from Kmart. To go with these, I decided to create a ‘woodland creatures’ bunting (which, I discovered, is a HUGELY popular theme that I had no idea about). I decided this for a number of reasons – 1. they are adorable, 2. they go with the colour theme, 3. Pete is a man of the outdoors and 4. once we reveal the name we have chosen for our son, it will all make sense.

So, without further ado, The (Oblivious) New Mama’s Homemade Baby Shower Bunting!


Supplies – 

thick twine

sticky tape

brown card stock



your choice of printable woodland creature (or any other graphic of preference)




Method – 

Do some research and choose the graphics you wish to use on your bunting (Pinterest is great for this)

Print out your images and cut them out

Place largest image on your brown card so you can work out the dimensions of each flag – do not stick down yet!

Once you have measured out the size that you want your bunting flags to be, measure out a stencil (you can make them whatever shape you want, I chose the same shape flag as the cake topper)

Cut out each flag, position and glue each illustration down – one illustration per flag

Place each flag face down on a flat surface with about a 15cm gap in between each, cut your length of twine and attach each flag with sticky tape!


Once I have strung up our buntings ahead of the baby shower, I will be posting photos. I cannot wait to see it all come together (and I bet all of you are JUST as excited as I am..)!! In the coming weeks, I will also be posting some great original content on the following:

 – putting together a gift registry that suits you

 – baby shower essentials, a checklist of items you will always need no matter what kind of baby shower you are having (straws, cups, napkins, etc.)

 – how to create the perfect (and totally instagrammable) grazing platter table

 – a round-up of everything that we have bought for the baby shower including balloon bouquet ideas, decorations we have purchased, food purchases, etc.

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