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Gnocchi Arrabiata, baby!

Gnocchi Arrabiata, baby!

Last week on my lunch break I was craving my usual chicken and salad banh mi with extra salad and no onion. This particular craving has lasted about six weeks so far with no end in sight. My friend and colleague Mika, on this particular day, felt like pasta from The Italian Bowl on King Street. I have been off past for most of my pregnancy – whenever I make it for Pete I cook some greens for myself and have that instead – but when she got her gnocchi arrabiata, my desire for it became almost insatiable (luckily the serving was huge and she didn’t finish it.. so I did).

The next trip to the shops that I did, I bought some gnocchi. Pete was going to be away and so I knew that I was going to be able to make a simple, spicy sauce (where I usually can’t because he can’t handle chilli) to have with my gnocchi. That night while watching The Holiday, I devoured a huge bowl of gnocchi arrabiata and there is no sign of that craving slowing down now either.

So I thought that this morning I would share my very own arrabiata sauce with all of you chilli fiends today because, not only is it freaking delicious, it is also SO simple and SO quick to make (and it also stores really well for a few days).


Gnocchi Arrabiata a la T(O)NM

Ingredients – 

1 x packet of ready-to-cook gnocchi

1 x can of diced tomatoes

fresh basil

minced garlic

olive oil

balsamic vinegar



chilli flakes (or fresh chilli, whichever you prefer)

Method – 

In a pan or small pot put two tablespoons of minced garlic, chopped basil, salt, pepper, chilli flakes and oil

Heat until aromatic

Add entire can of diced tomatoes, half fill the empty can with water and add that to the pan too

Add a generous amount of balsamic vinegar as well as a pinch more salt and pepper

Let simmer for ten minutes

Bring water to the boil and cook the gnocchi (this will only take a minute or so and you will know when they are cooked as the gnocchi will float to the top of the water)

Serve, eat and enjoy!

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