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Day Twelve: Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Day Twelve: Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Do you love entertaining? Yes.

Do you love Christmas decorations? Yes.

Do you love food? Yes.


Combining all things festive and Christmas and food and hosting and entertaining and eating and being merry, today we will be looking at some really incredible (and easy to achieve) Christmas Table Setting Ideas to make your get together just that little bit special this year! Though I am partial to a grazing table with people milling about the house happily, I also love sit down meals where there is just masses of food lining the table and there are arms and limbs going everywhere passing the potato bake and the chicken and the salad and the prawns amongst one another.

With everyone coming to our place for Christmas this year (because I will be huge and tired and probably pass out halfway during the day), I get to decorate our house once again and make cookies and make the place as Christmas-y as possible. We have a beautiful dining table which is the main hub of our home and I am so excited to deck it out with Christmas treats, beautiful napkins and little decorations here and there. There is nothing more rewarding to me than people’s first reactions when it comes to decor – and there is no one more important to me than my family and my extended family – so I have trawled the web for inspiration for Christmas Table Settings and I am going to share them with you here, today, RIGHT NOW.

Probably my favourite table setting decor that I came across was from Eclectic Creative whose owner and creator, Jess, has an Australian background. Her Australian-inspired Christmas table is absolutely stunning AND she has included personalised cookies for each table place which is totally up my alley. I definitely plan on using a lot of the elements that feature below for my own Christmas table this year (in just thirteen days!). Instead of my usual vanilla biscuits that I make, for the big day I will be making spiced ginger biscuits with fondant icing – some of the cookies I will press with Christmas messages like the ones from Eclectic Creative, while others I will decorate with Christmas sprinkles that I have bought specially for the occasion. I also love the accents of the baubles that are scattered on the table and, knowing my mum, she will bring big bunches of flowers that we will place on the table as well!


From Homes to Love I loved the Christmas cracker on each table place as well as the small plates of nibbles and sweets (especially nougat, always nougat). The simplicity of this table setting, with a bit of a 60s feel with the light mint green plates and funky cutlery, is gorgeous and the simple lace tablecloth is a little bit pretty, a little bit elegant and a little bit festive. Yes, yes and more yes.


For something very simple to make that is still super pretty, The Stylist Splash created these really sweet mini rosemary wreaths that are held together with twine. By now you should all know (and probably be totally sick of hearing about it) that I am a big fan of the natural, rustic, country, homemade aesthetic. CANNOT GET EOUGH OF IT. This ticks that box and they are adorable. TINY WREATHS. Love.

I found this image on Pinterest but I wasn’t able to source where it was from – but I love this idea for cutlery. I didn’t realise how festive and versatile rosemary was as a decoration! I’m obsessed now! I love the twine/rosemary/hand-drawn swing tag combo of this and again, it is such a simple idea to execute and so beautiful. I also want this cutlery set, but I guess that isn’t really the point of all this..


My mum has so many decorative things in her house. She loves a floor vase or any kind of ceramic pot of jug. She love stones and pebbles and bowls. And for some reason she has a wicker basket that is full of pine cones. I have never understood where she got the pine cones from as I have never seen her collecting them, but she has had them for years through NUMEROUS moves. NOW though, I have a use for them! From A Piece of Rainbow is this DIY snowy wintery themed table decoration that features, you guessed it, PINE CONES!


And finally, for all of you with little ones, from Brit + Co is this Christmas Table Setting Idea should inspire the hell out of you! LOOK HOW CUTE THIS IS. Make the kids feel special by creating placeholders for them as well as fun activities to tick off, craft, colouring-in sheets and some Christmas treats to satisfy their sweet tooth! I cannot tell you how excited I am for our little man to be old enough that I can do this! Ahhh. Yes. (Also, every single idea on that Brit + Co hyperlink is AMAZING and I want to – and will – do all of them!)

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