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Day Nine: Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Day Nine: Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Much like my cocktail post, I had planned buying a shitload of wrapping paper and decorative elements and wrapping presents and taking pretty photos but the pregnancy is catching up with me, the hours in the day seem to pass without me realising it and, why should I take credit for the amazing, creative talent and ideas of other talented bloggers?

So here we have it, day nine of the countdown featuring some of the prettiest wrapping I ever did see.

First up we have the wrapping genius behind our lead image from EatWell101. I have always been mad for natural wrapping as in brown paper, twine, nature-y elements.. this is THE perfect marriage of each of those things and I love this. Love it, love it, love it.


Next, from Smart Furniture comes another minimal, natural wrapping theme. I am obviously obsessed with this one as well.

The next group of gift wrapping examples comes from Stylizimo – and they are stunning, people. There isn’t much text to go off, but the two ideas will require a bit more preparation that you will need to source a few more materials including swing tags, cookie cutters (if you desire), or alternative decorative elements.


Sticking with the theme I love so much, from These Four Walls blog comes this stunning array of wrapping ideas. Though all in the same vein, each of them varies just a little bit to make for a beautiful pile of gifts and goodies beneath one’s Christmas tree!


So so so pretty, so chic, so much, so everything. These ideas from Maison de Pax are BEAUTIFUL and all other lovely adjectives EVER, ’nuff said.


And finally, I found this one from the blog Place of My Taste, but I am not sure where this image or idea originated from. This is one of my favourites as it requires minimal supplies, instead layering the same textures and materials for the desired effect. SAH PRETTY.

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