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Day Eleven: Homemade Christmas Cards

Day Eleven: Homemade Christmas Cards

Who doesn’t love a decent pun? Or a well-timed pop culture reference? Or the odd insult every now and then (all in good faith, of course)?

Greeting cards, more often than not, are so impersonal, each of them similar to the next feigning well wishes and generic celebratory sentences. It is rare to be given a greeting card that makes me laugh or makes me feel and I think this comes down to, obviously, the fact that they are produced for the masses. Once again, you can’t beat something that is homemade, something that is crafted with someone specific in mind. That’s why, this year I have decided to hand-make a range of Christmas cards for my friends and family, featuring quotes from televisions series and movies that they love and appreciate, simple one-liners and of course, the standard Christmas puns.

I have used references from television shows such as The OfficeSeinfeldFriends and Community. My brother isn’t a fan of Christmas anymore (no idea why), but for him and for whoever is the grump in your family, I made a Grinch card and one for people that are just absolute pricks. I had my Mum in mind when I made the Elf card – the message o the inside says, “Have yours-ELF a Merry Christmas”. It isn’t my best pun work, but she will love it.

Like I said, I get the most joy when I am sitting at my desk thinking about those that are close to me and trying to come up with something for them that will bring them joy and make them laugh. So for me, homemade Christmas cards are a must.

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