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Baby Shower List(s)

Baby Shower List(s)

Lists are my favourite. I have mentioned that several times. Lists give me direction. Lists allow me to plan. Lists let me know when I have achieved things. I have several notebooks that I use specifically for list-making. Planning a baby shower, it turns out, requires a good amount of lists to ensure that nothing gets missed especially when the person organising it is, in fact, pregnant and has a tendency to forget even the most simple of things. Naturally, I am loving the lead up to the BUB-beque because it has seen to the creation of several lists (some of which overlap, but that is okay).

We are hosting our BUB-beque at home, with about thirty or so people attending. I have handmade some of the decorations, have bought others and some are still left to buy. This coming Saturday, Shari (godmother, best friend, soul sister, sister-in-law) and I have a whole day of shopping for all the food, all the table decorations and all of the little bits and pieces that are going to make this baby shower/birthday barbeque everything that I have always envisioned it could be. Then, on Sunday I will be baking all day in preparation for the big day; I ordered some baby-specific cookie cutters (a bib, a baby bottle and a onesie) and I will also be making other biscuits that I will personalise with my new cookie letter embosser that I am totally in love with.

And then next week we are going to put our Christmas tree up because WHY NOT. Man, I am excited for that. Oh yeah, and I need to make a playlist for the day so that Pony and Milkshake don’t randomly start playing – though really, that wouldn’t be so bad would it..?

Come December 1, our house will be full of Christmas/birthday/baby spirit and look, I will probably cry but that’s okay. On the actual day, my main tasks are to pick up the balloons, hang all the decorations and set up the big grazing table that we are having. Pete is in charge of making the outdoor area pretty which will be easy seeing as he has made us the most BEAUTIFUL barbeque/outdoor kitchen known to man. I will get my mum and Shari over to help with the set-up and we can test the mum-osa bar (YEP. HAPPENING.) and set up all the flowers and the cake.

I have a to-do list that will keep me busy for the next week and a bit but that is the more boring list of all of my lists; there are things on it like change the cat litter, clean the laundry, vacuum, etc. That is not the list I want to share with you today. Nope. These are:

First up, we have my list of what I need to purchase this weekend because it is the last opportunity we have to do a big shop. There are some things I have left off because I already have access to them. For example, we aren’t using plastic cups so they aren’t on the list. I have already made and bought buntings, so they aren’t on the list either. This is more of a what else is left to buy list (which, let’s be honest, is pretty much everything) and is very specific to the kind of baby shower we are having. If you are having an all-female, more traditional baby shower then a huge amount of meat may not be on your list (or maybe it is, who doesn’t love a steak?!).

The main food that we are offering at the BUB-beque is a grazing table. Think ‘cheese board’ but MEGA. We have quite a large dining table and, like mum and I have done many times over, we will be filling it with every kind of cheese, cracker, deli meat, sweet treat, fruit and antipasto favourite that you can think of. I love grazing tables because it means that all the food preparation is done before any of the guests arrive and I don’t have to think of it during the party, it’s a great talking point for friends and family that don’t know each other well and it also means that everyone can eat as much or as little as they like as often as they want. I personally go to TOWN on a platter.

Anyway – if you have never put together a grazing platter or table before, I hope that this next list helps. Or, if you ARE a grazing platter/table aficionado, I hope that I can maybe inspire some new ideas!

The third and final list that I am going to be sharing with you today is a baby shower gift list. The other day, Pete’s sister messaged me and asked what gifts Pete and I are asking people for. I drew a blank. I had no idea what people normally ask for. We have already bought a cot and a change table, we have all the books we will ever need in our lifetime and mum has already bought Hunter some toys and clothes and bath products. I mean, we need an iCandy Peach in grey.. so yeah, I mean, someone could buy us that. Besides that though, I hadn’t the foggiest idea what to ask for. And, Pete doesn’t like being fussed over or bought things so together, our baby shower gift registry has kind of been completely overlooked and forgotten. I know though, that people will want to bring things and the least we can do is give them some sort of a guide as to what we do and don’t need.. I guess.

Like I have said and will continue to say: I love a list. And at the moment, I need a list (baby brain is back and in full swing) because otherwise things will be forgotten, guaranteed. After this weekend, I will do a follow up post that will go into more detail about what we purchased and from where! This is a really exciting time in mine and Pete’s life, and writing about it fills me with absolute joy so I thank you all for humouring me throughout this pregnancy (so far).

Happy list-making!

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