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91 days until due date

91 days until due date

Alright people, we are officially down to double digits in our countdown to the arrival of our baby boy! This time next week will mark the start of my third trimester and I almost can’t believe it. Though pregnancy has felt a lot longer than I anticipated it would, the time has also flown and I know that these last couple of months will absolutely fly by. The end of my time at my job, the baby shower, Pete’s birthday, Christmas, New Year, the start of maternity leave – all of these life events are coming up and will take me right through to my due date. Using the term ‘son’ is becoming more and more real, planning maternity and maternity leave is a thing and we are at the stage where the idea of a brand new pram is freaking exciting.

With next week marking the start of the third trimester, my body has definitely changed (and continues to change each and every day). I am noticeably heavier and can definitely feel myself carrying the weight of my growing baby boy. I have also replaced my walk with a waddle.

One thing that I am completely and utterly sick of is when people feel the need (and they always do) to say, “Ohhhh, pregnant through summer, hey?” with a smirk, and then they go on to tell meow hot and uncomfortable I am going to be and how sorry they are for me. If I never hear that sentence again, it will be too soon. And you know what? Being pregnant when it is hot I find preferable to being pregnant through the colder months. Since the mercury has gone about 25, I have been able to wear dresses and I cannot tell you how comfortable I feel. During winter, wearing jeans and layers, I was so uncomfortable – and that was when I was a whole lot smaller. Even at the size I am now, I am far more at ease and happier when I am in a dress or a jumpsuit or nothing at all. I had to wear jeans yesterday when the temperature dropped randomly and it isn’t just me that experiences the discomfort, it’s Bub too. The maternity jeans, no matter how stretchy, cut into where Bub is lying and I can feel him not enjoying himself. He didn’t move as much as normal yesterday and I know that it’s because both he and his mama were so uncomfortable. I am in a dress today and he is absolutely loving life.

Last week when Sydney had that 39 degree day, I was surprised at how well I handled it. With what everyone has been saying at me, I was expecting to be a puddle by mid-morning. I rather enjoyed the heat, actually. It wasn’t until I got home that afternoon that I realised what effect it had on my body and I learned what to expect when it actually hits summer. During the day, the heat nor the humidity bothered me, but by the time I got home and showered my body was completely done for the day. I was usurped of all energy and Pete found me sitting in the corner of our lounge with each and every one of my limbs splayed out. “Yep,” I said to him, “this is what you have to look forward to.”

Another thing that I have noticed is, just like mum said would happen, I am nowhere near as hungry as I have been for the majority of my pregnancy. With Bub bigger now, the space in my stomach has been completely compromised. I was averaging 45 meals a day, let’s be honest. Now, I am back to the standard three meals a day with a few small snacks in between, and even then, sometimes I am still uncomfortably full. The cravings are still a thing.. nacho cheese flavoured tortilla chips, Vietnamese chicken and salad banh mi rolls with extra salad, fresh watermelon juice and almonds.

I will admit that once again, I am having trouble sleeping. Even though I have nailed down the comfortable positions, I spend my night tossing and turning every twenty minutes or so. Most of the time I am able to get back to sleep, but each interruption means that I am not getting a deep enough sleep to feel rejuvenated of a morning. I was stressing about it a few weeks ago and getting really annoyed when I was lying awake, completely conscious I bed, but I have learned to make peace with the bouts of insomnia. “So, I’m awake,” I find myself thinking, and that’s okay. Most of the time when I am awake during the night, so is Bub, so I stay awake with him while he has a play and a wriggle and then when he calms down, I wait patiently to fall asleep again. I am learning to enjoy the moments where it is just him and I, no matter what the time or circumstance.

Something that I wasn’t expecting though (and that is rather annoying) is that while I am sitting at work, I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME stop jiggling my legs. People jiggling their legs incessantly is one of my pet peeves, I cannot stand it and when I see someone doing it it gives me anxiety. I am now one of those people. If my legs are crossed, I am shaking my foot in mid-air. If both feet are on the ground, I am bouncing one of my leg up and down. I looked it up when I noticed it was something that I was doing, and all I could find was something called Restless Leg Syndrome which is where pregnant women have pain in their legs when they are in bed. But mine is while I am awake, and I am not in pain (besides the mental agony of now being a leg jiggle), I just cannot stop moving. When I have been sitting at my desk for hours on end, having that constant movement actually calms me and soothes me. It’s as if I am rocking myself to sleep.

Next Tuesday, I am booked in to have my gestational diabetes test. I didn’t know what the hell that was until it was explained to me by my mid-wife. I have to fast from 9pm into the next morning where I will have my blood taken, then I need to wait an hour, drink some glucose drink, wait another hour at the hospital and then have my blood taken again. This will tell us whether Bub has gestational diabetes. That will pretty much round out my hospital visits besides the monthly appointments I will have in the lead up to the due date. Once Tuesday has come and gone, I’ll let you know what to expect.

Besides that, I am just getting more and more excited to finish up for the year! With maternity leave so close, I can’t help but loosely plan all the things that I want to do with bub before he arrives. I want to spend some time (a lot of time) down at Drummoyne swimming pool. I want to be buoyant. I will be mega/massive/huge and to stay healthy and active I want to swim and then lie on one of their sunbeds and read in the sun until lunchtime. Yes, yes I feel that maternity leave is going to suit me just fine. I am also incredibly excited to be doing my blogging and baking and skincare-making full-time. I cannot tell you how much this business means to me and how much of myself I am willing to give to it. I have always wanted my creativity to lend itself to something more, and I feel that our son has given me the gift that I have been long awaiting.

I am 27 weeks today and it is bloody bliss.

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