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231 days until due date

231 days until due date

First of all, there is nothing more real that this chart from The Bump. Nothing.

As I have mentioned once or twice before, I love writing lists. I have no idea why or when my obsession with writing lists started, all I know is that each and every day, I write lists. I compile lists for anything, everything and nothing.

During some light research that I was doing the other day about the first trimester of pregnancy, I read that writing lists can be extremely helpful in combatting baby brain (of which I had another experience of this morning. I am a really good parallel parker, always have been. Nope – not this morning. I was that complete dickhead that tried to get into a car space four times before pulling out and driving off into the horizon never to be seen again). It was as if I was, then and there, given permission to compile all of my lists without a shred of shame or reason or explanation. It is as if being pregnant has gifted me with nine months’ worth of list-making justification – and I tell you what, I couldn’t be happier.

Yesterday afternoon I spent a good couple of hours writing a list of healthy snack ideas, and next to that list, I wrote a shopping list of all the things I would need to buy to make said healthy snacks. I even typed it up and printed it – and it is now stuck on my fridge.

This morning I have made two lists already. One was as a part of an email to Monica about what food I brought in to work today to ensure that I don’t go hungry. It reads:

Today’s food haul:

    • sourdough toast with avocado, tomato and goats cheese with bacon for breakfast
    • 2 oranges
    • crackers with homemade sour cream and cucumber dip
    • brownie
    • small packet of chips
    • big chicken salad with broccoli, tomato and olives

Impressive, right? And you know what – I will probably still be hungry after I consume each and every item of food on that list.

The second list is probably my favourite kind of list (I know, right? It is so hard to pick a favourite kind of list as they are all equally beautiful), it is a list of books to buy. Tomorrow I am on Baby Shower duty for my godmother which will see me setting up tables and food and chairs at my mum’s house for most of the morning. Before that though, I desperately need to go to the shops to buy myself some larger pairs of stockings as the ones I own currently cut into my stomach like nobody’s business and hurt like a motherfucker. I also got paid from Walker Books for the first time since starting and firmly believe that that – and the fact that I am (approximately) two months pregnant tomorrow, yay! – requires celebrating in the form of book purchasing. I can see Man rolling his eyes and shaking his head from here. NEVERTHELESS MAN, IT IS HAPPENING. So, long story short, the second list of the day reads like this:

Big W Book Options*:

    • Eleanor Olliphant is Completely Fine
    • The Kookaburra Creek Café
    • The Honey Farm
    • The Yellow Villa
    • The French Girl
    • The Book Ninja
    • Mrs.
    • You Me Everything
    • The Cast
    • Her Pretty Face
    • Goldfinch
    • Nevermoor
    • Am I Doing This Right?

I obviously won’t buy all of them, because you know, money, but I think four should do me just fine. That should see me through for two or so weeks! And then I will have to compile another list of books to buy for Thailand – HOLIDAY READS, Y’ALL! The list situation is so real, people.

Also – quick side note, the cute app that I have to track how far along I am, The Bump, tells me that our little bubba is the size of a piece of uncooked macaroni. So big already!

I digress.

I am pre-empting a few other lists that I will compile today to help me get my life in order day-to-day, but also because it brings me such joy, if you haven’t already realised. For instance, I will definitely need a list for things I want/need to do when I get home tonight. Pete is spending the night back at his place with Woof. Things like I need to swing past the doctors to pick up my referral for our first scan on Thursday, I need to go to the shops to buy things for the healthy snacks that I wrote down yesterday (see third paragraph of this post), fold washing, make some kind of dinner, shower (yes, I include even the most obvious things on my list. Just ask Pete. He stumbled across one of my lists the other night that said “remember to maybe wear stockings tomorrow”), finish Big Little Lies Series One (so good, people), get presents for Ned ready to wrap. Another list may include things I want to look at while perusing the aisles of Big W. I will probably also write a list of things I need to do over the weekend as a whole – like take out the rubbish from the bathroom, buy new conditioner, watch movies from the list of Netflix movies I want to watch that I wrote on Monday.

Food consumption this morning, as of 10.37am stands at:

  • sourdough toast with avocado, tomato and goats cheese with bacon
  • both oranges
  • 1.5L of water

So, audience of The (Oblivious) New Mama that is your Friday update of the inner workings of my pregnant, list-making mind.

*Seriously people, get your books from Big W, they are half the price. What you would normally pay $32.99 for in Dymocks or Harry Hartog, you will pay $16 for in Big W. PLUS you can browse the whole store for lots of things that you don’t need, so everyone wins. Especially you, winner.

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