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226 days until due date

226 days until due date

WOMEN EVERYWHERE, I HAVE A GAME CHANGER THAT YOU MUST ALL BE AWARE OF. MATERNITY STOCKINGS ARE WHERE, IT’S, AT. Even if you aren’t pregnant, do yourselves ALL a favour and invest in some maternity stockings.

As I have said in the last few posts, none of my clothes are fitting me properly. None of ‘em. I have been forced to wear ill-fitting jeans because stockings have just been simply out of the question. Not only are stockings uncomfortable and very cuttey-inney (it’s a term I am trying out) at the best of times, but when you are pregnant and at the stage that I am currently living through, your body changes/bloats/expands/hurts every single day.

Over the weekend, I purchased some maternity stockings from Big W. On the packaging of the stockings was a woman you looked to be about 4-5 months pregnant, whereas at the moment, I just look kind of dumpy. I almost didn’t buy them, thinking, “Oh come on Leah, don’t you think it is a bit premature to be buying these?” But thank god I didn’t listen to myself on this one.

These. Are. Heaven.

They are hands down the best pair of stockings I have ever worn. They are tight and holdey-inney from toe to thigh, and then from hips to stomach they are gloriously stretchy and pleasantly loose. SO GOOD. There are no unsightly cut-in rolls, my stomach doesn’t hurt from them being too tight and I don’t even need to think about how my food consumption is going to affect my comfort as these are made for bellies FAR bigger than mine. Maternity stockings should be the standard stockings. FOR REAL.

As bubba has been determined to eat like crap the last couple of days, I am force-feeding bubba fruit and vegetables because #parenting. I got home last night, tired as all fuck, but spent the next hour preparing my dinner as well as food for work today.


  • Ryvitas with avocado (that were too soggy to eat. Note: leave an avocado at work to enjoy this successfully)
  • Carrot sticks and a tub of hommus
  • Rockmelon, strawberries, grapes and blueberries
  • Homemade chicken Caesar salad (so bloody good)
  • An assortment of fun-size chocolates that are still circulating my pod of desks (delicious and evil)

Also – Pete bought us an electric blanket the other day. I have only ever experienced electric blankets at my grandparent’s place because they live in the country and it is always cold. I have always thought of them as a luxury. Holy shit, what a life I have been missing out on.


My back and neck have been unbearably sore for the last three weeks. My body is moving differently as it is carrying more weight than normal, and my boobs are pulling my shoulders forward due to how fucking huge they are. I am all off-kilter. The first night that I slid in between the sheets and felt that glorious warmth, I knew that I had found the place I want to exist. Not only was it lovely simply due to the warmth, but every single muscle in my back seemed to relax. I let out a very loud, happy moan as I proceeded to melt into the mattress. I had spent a lot of the afternoon heating up my wheat-bag/heat-pack and resting it awkwardly between my neck and the lounge – but nothing compares to how fucking good the electric blanket felt.

What I have also learned is to accept the fact that I am just REALLY tired. For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to push through the exhaustion as I have felt like a bit of a failure. Surely, I thought to myself, surely I am not this tired this early on in the pregnancy. Baby is only the size of an ear-bud/blueberry/jelly bean. But you know what? I am that tired. I can barely function past 3.30 in the afternoon. I had ten hours sleep last night. Mum saw me and said, “You look better after that sleep, but you still look tired.” And I am. I need another forty-five uninterrupted hours and I may feel okay.

So instead of feeling like a sleepy failure, I am doing little things to help me feel a lot more myself and treating myself to some serious relaxing. What relaxes you will change for each woman, but for me, what has helped is:

  • Starting my day off with fruit as it has helped with bloating/bowel movements
  • Thinking ahead for my meals and cooking only very simple meals so I can relax as soon as possible of a night
  • Not having sugar after dinner (however if you are craving it, go for gold)
  • Limiting my screen time (only watching two episodes of Offspring instead of two seasons)
  • Getting into bed early
  • Reading in bed (with the electric blanket still on high, targeting my lower back)
  • Aiming to be asleep by eight o’clock

Ladies, your homework is as follows:

  1. Buy maternity stockings
  2. Buy electric blanket
  3. Sleep forever

So, for a rather happy conclusion to this piece, yeah, the last few weeks have been really difficult and Pete has been worried about me and worried that I am not enjoying my pregnancy. But I feel that I am definitely clawing my way back up to the surface. I am figuring my pregnancy and my new body out – though I am assured by numerous women that as soon as you think you have figured it out, everything will change. I guess I am more relaxed about it all, and more open to simply going with the flow.

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