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217 days until due date

217 days until due date

So today is my last day at work before we leave for Thailand on Monday – huzzah!

There are a few occasions that I am celebrating around this..

  1. Bubba is officially 9 weeks old today and is now considered a foetus, not an embryo (cute)
  2. It is Pete’s and my first holiday together
  3. It is Shari and Jay’s wedding!

I am not too phased about travelling while pregnant. There have been moments of anxiety where I have been concerned that by me not being able to drink and party at my full, unimpregnated capacity, it will impact negatively on the trip. I raised this with Pete and he told me that no, of course that is not going to be the case. “We will be spending most of our time just lying by the pool,” he said, which is totally fine by me. But besides that, all I am really going to have to monitor is my drinking water and watch what food I eat – i.e. don’t eat from small dodgy food stalls.

What I am a teeny bit worried about are the photos that I/we will inevitably be taking and posting online throughout our trip. My stomach has popped out even further since I posted that photo at the beginning of the week, and I don’t know if I am going to be able to hide it in every single photo. Luckily there are only two people at work who are currently following me on Instagram, and I am not posting anything to Facebook (does anyone, anymore?) so, I am kind of safe in that regard, and am totally planning on telling my boss as soon as I get back. I do have a feeling though, that it is just going to come out naturally during this trip. Am I prepared for it to be common knowledge among the masses? I don’t really know about that.

I was hoping that my maternity clothes were going to arrive before I left so that I could reach ultimate comfort on the plane, however it looks like that isn’t going to be the case. I will simply have to settle for old Bonds tights and some kind of comfortable footwear – attractive.

Other than that really, it seems as though I have reached a point in the pregnancy where not much is happening. I mean, there is a lot happening behind the scenes – I am currently forming more distinct facial features and working limbs thank you very much – but my body seems to have regulated somewhat. My sleeping isn’t too bad, I am managing to get through the day without facing complete and utter exhaustion and my eating habits have normalised once more.

For instance, today’s food haul compared to what it was a few weeks ago is hugely different:

  • Two slices of soy linseed toast with avocado
  • Two oranges
  • A smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato and rocket sandwich
  • Water


I went out to dinner with Mum last night where she mentioned that I have been having a lot of fruit and not a whole lot of vegetables or iron-rich foods. So tonight I am thinking of having a huge bowl of greens – think broccoli, kale, beans, peas, etc. – to increase my iron intake. I will also lather this in butter, because, butter. This is also an easy dinner that requires next to no effort (as once I get home from work that is when the exhaustion hits).

Anyway – that is about it from me today.

Adios muchachos.

P.s. now when I sit down, my belly touches my thighs. WHAT A MILESTONE.

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