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142 days until due date

142 days until due date

It has been far, far too long between posts for my liking. Far too long. Since I last posted, Pete and I have had another scan where we found out the gender of our beautiful bubba. We have made the decision to keep that information between ourselves and our families (for now, at least); I have always been one to share absolutely everything with anyone and everyone, however I have to admit that it feels really special and intimate to keep that little something just for us. Having said that, the scan went really well and we have a very healthy child and apparently, a very tall one! To celebrate the news, we went out for pizza and watched The Predator because nothing says YAY FOR THE GENDER REVEAL like carbohydrates and big-ass space creatures.

Pete and I are right in the thick of a very busy period, and we are actually handling it a lot better than I thought we would. I am definitely getting bigger and things are becoming just that little bit more difficult (things like bending down, breathing, etc.), and it has definitely forced me to slow down. I have also found that my body has become increasingly sensitive and definitely favours routine. Since falling pregnant I have really tried to have five small meals a day as opposed to a breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will find very similar advice when you begin to research morning sickness remedies. Smaller meals keep your metabolism working and will also ensure that you don’t feel bloated, and, something else I just learned, it is great to get your stomach used to smaller meals because as your bubba gets bigger, the space in your stomach (obviously) decreases. I will generally have granola or muesli and fruit for breakfast, followed by some corn thins with various toppings on it a few hours later, a small lunch, a snack after lunch and then dinner (which I try and keep as light as possible as well).

Last week at work we were in meetings all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I thought nothing of it, really, however by the time I got home on Friday I could definitely feel the effects of the week take their toll on my body. All day meetings are tough on the body regardless of whether one is pregnant or not – the constant sitting in the same position, breathing the stale air, the mental exhaustion of paying attention for hours on end. What I found really difficult though was the deviation from my regular eating regime. It really threw me.

My ‘thing’ with this pregnancy has been low blood pressure. With only a lunch break scheduled during the meetings last week, I felt incredibly light-headed, my heartbeat became irregular and I became extremely hot and disorientated. I made sure that I drank lots of water and, in hindsight, I am sure that if I asked to let myself out to grab something quickly, it would have been fine; but by simply not keeping my food and sugar intake regular, my body started to shut down. By Thursday afternoon, I felt wrecked. Walking to my car I felt sick and incredibly anxious. This wasn’t a state of being hangry, this was something else altogether.

Small. Meals. Are. Key. Heed my advice, ladies.

I am now pretty big and I am really having to get used to the way my body now moves. For example, we were on our way to visit Shari and Jay the other day and my phone was in my bag in the footwell of the passenger seat. It started ringing. I could not bend down and reach it in time before the ringing stopped. It is pretty cute that my belly now precludes me from doing simple things like bending over, but it is something that I forget before trying. I dropped a pen in last week’s meetings and I audibly groaned when I leaned over to pick it up. Getting up off the lounge now requires several movements as opposed to one swift motion from sitting to standing, and don’t even get me started on how attractive I look when I roll out of bed. I can’t sit comfortably in the park, on a picnic blanket for lunch with my work colleagues anymore either, so have obviously forced them to sit at a bench instead like the civilised people we are. I am definitely feeling the extra weight of my expanding belly; where morning sickness was a (sometimes not so) nice little everyday reminder that I was pregnant, the physical changes are also a constant reminder of the wonderful little human inside of me. While it has been challenging and I often find myself saying out loud, “Yep, okay, can’t do that anymore”, it has also been really amazing to figure out the new ways my body is moving and getting me around.

Not only that, but another perk of what is now Week 19 is that bubba is gaining some serious strength and the kicks are just magical/phenomenal/everything/lovely/amazing. Pete is able to feel them really clearly now which I love because it is a part of the pregnancy that I can now share with him. We were also told at the ultrasound that our baby is exceptionally active (our two hour appointment attests to that fact as they couldn’t get any clear images of bubba due to all the movement). I can also second this opinion. Since last week, bubba has not stopped moving. I am constantly getting kicked and prodded and I absolutely love it (I don’t care how often I go on about it, it is heavenly).

OH, oh oh! Another thing that I have found, now that I am showing, people feel the need to constantly say the following things at me:

  • “OOOOHHHHH a FEBRUARY due date? HAVE FUN IN SUMMER *sarcastic laugh*”
  • “You can have as much as you want – you’re eating for two! HA HA HA”
  • “You can have as much as you want – you’re drinking for two! HA HA HA”
  • “Wow, really? You’re only nineteen weeks?! You’re big aren’t you?”
  • “Parenting is SO HARD”
  • “Everything is so hard”

My advice? Ignore everyone and buy yourself a slurpie.

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