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106 days until due date

106 days until due date

Well – we are almost into double digits for the countdown to the due date and I tell you what, it can’t come soon enough! Not because I am over my pregnancy yet or am not enjoying it, but because we are just that excited to meet bub.

The pregnancy is actually getting more and more enjoyable with each day that passes; Bub is getting stronger and has learnt a new trick, “kick mum during the night and wake her up.” Normally getting woken up in the night completely throws me off, but the past few nights I have relished waking up to our tiny human stretching and kicking and frolicking and hiccuping. I am feeling a whole new range of bub’s movements now, not just random little bumps and kicks here and there. I can feel actual tiny feet pushing against me, I can feel it when a leg or an arm runs against my uterus when bub rolls over or changes position. Bub has character, I’ll tell you that much. Also the hiccups, always the hiccups.

Our midwife told me on Monday that we have one of the most active babies she has known. Every time I lie down on the bed for her to measure my stomach and check Bub’s heartbeat, we spend half the time just watching my stomach as it rises and falls with bub’s movements – either that or bub just kicks the wand straight out of her hand. One of my favourite things at this stage is I can now tell when bub is asleep, resting or wide awake. It’s nice and I love it and I love bub and I just want to cry because the love has nowhere to go except out my eyeballs.

The only real issues that I am having is that my back is constantly sore and my eating has been a bit irregular. I have had one knot throughout my entire pregnancy that decides to flare up – aggressively – every now and then. For the past week it has been excruciating to the point where I have trouble breathing. It doesn’t matter how I lie or sit or stand, absolutely nothing eases the pain. Most nights, Pete will rub my back and massage the knot which relieves it for an hour or so, but it is something that I need to address professionally. Because my breasts are so freaking big and heavy at the moment, and every day I am carrying more weight on my front, my back and my rib cage are taking a beating and having to work overtime. For this, all I can suggest is a massage (you can get maternity massages where there is a hole in the massage table), don’t feel guilty or bad asking your partner/friend/relative to massage you if you need it, walk wherever and whenever you can and rest wherever and whenever you can. It is inevitable that your body is going to ache from time to time, you are growing an entire human being – but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer.

The other thing has been my food. I am not surprised that my eating habits have been slightly off lately; I have increasingly less room in my body for things like my stomach and my lungs, my body and hormones are still adapting to the medication I am on for perinatal depression and, as bub gets bigger and develops more of a personality (because trust me, they have personality) I feel more and more responsible for what I am feeding and fuelling my body with. That isn’t to say that I have reneged on how free I feel to eat whatever I feel like (soft cheese, deli meats, the odd aperol spritz because #summer), but I guess I have just been more conscious of late. For example, heading into summer this year is incredibly different to any other year. I am so excited to wear a bikini and get bub into the sunshine and float in the ocean, but I also want to feel as comfortable and as myself as I possibly can. It’s hard when you are pregnant because on one hand you have cravings (Smith’s Plain Crinkle Cut Chips are where it’s at for me at the moment) but on the other hand, you want to feel healthy and energised and eat all the right foods.

I have made some little changes to my diet that have already made me feel better. If ever I feel like chips, I buy some Cob’s popcorn instead. If ever I feel like lollies (which I have to say is quite rare) or just feel like picking at something, I make sure that I always have punnets of blueberries in the house or at work and some almonds (not activated, don’t be a wanker). Also yoghurt covered sultanas are everything and I love them and they hit the spot when I want something a bit sweeter. I also eat a lot of greek yoghurt and use it as a supplement to mayonnaise where I can (like in my mean tuna potato salad recipe that I will be sharing with you once I remember to take a photo of it). And it is also mango, watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew and grape season – so snacking is about to get a whole lot easier too!

I haven’t done a food haul in a while – so, why not?! Today’s food haul:

2 x fig and raisin sourdough toast with butter

greek yoghurt with strawberries and apple

tuna potato salad with kale, kidney beans and spring onion

blueberries and almonds


(and for dinner I am making a taco salad with spicy crumbed chicken)

I am nearing the third trimester and what I have really learned is that my second trimester was a tough one (so ladies, please take all the information you read with a grain of salt and be prepared for the reality that you may have completely different experiences to the ‘norm’). Again, all I read was that people had energy and life and libido and rainbows and a chocolate fountain during their second trimester.. I have had zero energy, not a whole lot of life in me, next to no libido, no rainbow sightings and certainly no chocolate fountain. What I also wasn’t expecting was how excited I am for maternity leave – seriously, it is all I think about. I cannot wait to meet bub and take bub home and eventually, when bub is old enough, go on picnics and on walks in the pram and to the beach etc. etc. etc. On top of this, Pete is taking a month’s paternity leave and I just cannot deal with how freaking happy that makes me. Bring on maternity leave, I say! So cute.

All in all, there isn’t a whole lot to report on at this stage of the pregnancy except these little tidbits so do with them what you will while I try desperately not to succumb to this week’s cravings: fairy bread.

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